Swoops is the basketball simulation game and virtual league that lets you own, manage, coach, and profit from your own digital basketball team.

Swoops season 1 player.
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create your team.

buy your players.

COMPETE for a title.

make money.


And since we launched in January, it’s only getting warmer.

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make the team your TEAM.

Before you step on the court, your team deserves a name and logo. Within your team's locker room, you'll be able customize each. Check out some of the SWOOPS community owned franchises below, click to see/follow their personal team Twitter pages.

Globe Tronners Swoops LogoChef's Kitchen Swoops LogoBlockchain Burners Swoops LogoPurple Cobras Swoops LogoMetacourt Miners Swoops LogoNeozen Swoops LogoApollo All-Stars Swoops LogoWild Aces Eth Swoops Logo
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BUY one-of-one PLAYERS.

We call our basketball playing robots, Swoopsters. Each Swoopster is a one-of-one, all of which are owned by members of our community. Once you own a Swoopster, it is 100% yours to do with as you choose. This is where your front office skills come in. Play them, trade them, or sell them to a competitor to put real money into your pocket.

Hover Tap the over different parts of the playing card below to get details on our Swoopsters.
Swoops Player CardSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card AttributesSwoops Player Card Attributes

Swoopsters will either be a guard, forward, center, or a combination of two positions (e.g. G/F or F/C). A Swoopster with such multi-positional eligibility can be played at either position, enhancing its value.

As its owner, you have the right to name your player. It is a single-instance, irreversible action, meaning that once completed, the name will stay with the player even through transferred ownership.

A player’s season number represents the season that player is currently in. Rookies enter in season one.

Similar to real-world college sports recruiting ratings, Swoopsters are rated from one to five stars — with five being the strongest rating.

For every year of experience, one additional skill will reveal. A 5-season veteran, for example, will have 5 skills revealed, and a 7-season veteran will have 7 skills revealed.

A player's top-3 highest rated skill scores are colored gold on your player card, and accompanied by a trophy icon.

The DNA of a Swoopster includes 15 skill ratings that help determine performance on the court.

Rookie Swoopsters start with one revealed skill scores. Every season a new skill score is revealed. Skill score with '??' signify an attribute that has yet to be revealed.

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Swooper Bowl Tournament Logo


Every SWOOPS season comes down to the Swooper Bowl, a 64-team tournament, pitting the most successful Swoops franchises from the regular season against each other for the chance to take home the crown and pocket some cash.

THOUSANDS in prizing.
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You wouldn’t be a real team owner without the ability to turn a profit. Within the SWOOPS universe owners have a multitude of ways to generate revenue.

Swoops Tournaments

Weekly cash prize tournaments drop throughout the regular season, culminating with our end-of-season Swooper Bowl. The better your team, the more money you can pocket.

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Each day, paid games can be found in the Swoops game lobby. Teams submit a cash ante to enter the contest, with the winner taking home the pot.

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When you’re ready to move on from a player that just doesn’t fit your playing style, head over to our preferred secondary marketplace partner, OpenSea. There you will be able to list your player for sale in hopes of finding a buyer.

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Swoop Renderson Swoops


There are four seasons per 12-month calendar year, with each season spanning 13 weeks. Those 13 weeks are broken into a preseason, a regular season, a post-season, and an off-season.

Swoops Logo


- Training Camp

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Swoops All-Star Logo


- Weekly Tournaments
- Daily Head-to-Head Games
- All-Star Tournament (Week 8)

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Swooper Bowl Tournament Logo


- Swoopy Awards
- Swooper Bowl

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- Player evolution day
- New season mint
- Player reveal day

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Swoop Renderson Swoops


the soa cup
The 32 highest win% teams in the league go at it in the season's first major tournament.
october 10th + 12th
rookie fest + All-Star Tourny
Two 8-team tournaments, one comprised of the best rookies in Swoops, the other a showcase of the league's greatest talent.
october 26th
the global open
The second major tournament of the season gets underway as the most active teams in the league go head-to-head.
november 7th
the swoopies + bronze jug tourny
The night starts with the end of the year ceremony where the best players and owners are highlighted and awarded, and ends with the Bronze Jug Tournament where teams #65-128 compete in our version of the NIT.
november 8th-10th
the swooper bowl
The culminating tournament of the season is streamed over the course of three days, as the 64 best teams in all of Swoops compete for a massive prize pool.
november 14th
player evolution day
Find out how your Swoopster's attributes will change heading into next season.
november 15th-16th
ssn3 player drop
A two day event where rookies are available for purchase, including a chance at two high demand, one-of-a-kind, limited edition Swoopsters.
November 17th
Newly purchased Swoopsters from SSN3's Drop are revealed for the first time.

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